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                                         (By Yang Honglin, Master of NUS, Vice President of PUCM)

The PH new government successfully passed the first hundred-day honeymoon in TUN Mahathir’s journey to China. Tun Mahathir, with stratagems and tactics, quickly settled and balance the forces of the various parties. The new interest pattern basically satisfied the winners, and the grass-roots people feel refreshed.
In this short hundred days, Tun Mahathir became the TUN M of the Malaysian, and Malaysia became TUN M’s Malaysia! It coincides with the sixty-first national day of Malaysia, and there is a scene of prosperity everywhere!
New Malaysia of Tun Mahathir
New Era-----
The BN regime, which dominated the country for nearly 60 years, was ousted by the people with their fingers. Through the colored fingers, the Malaysian is like some kind of reborn, and the morale of the entire social grassroots is high. It seems that the old oppressed society has just stepped into a new society in which the people are the masters. It is full of confidence and can breathe refresh every day! They are full of confidence and can breathe refresh every day!
On the first Grand National Day of the PH government, many people spontaneously flocked to Putra Jaya to observe the parade ceremony after they became masters of their own country. It also fully demonstrated the people's love and respect for the new government, especially TUN M.
The hearts of the people are full of warm "Love my TUN M! Love my Malaysia!"

New officialdom --
Except for a few ministers who have certain experience, most of the ruling teams come from the party in the field, relying on petitioning for the people. They are very good at hearing public opinion and find problems. But ruling is not shouting slogans only, but also needs to solve problems creatively.
The bureaucratic team turns pale at the mention of corruption; no one dares to be greedy!
TUN M only made some stern speeches on several occasions, together with several high-profile rummages, and then the corruption was stopped accordingly. All the people applaud!
As a matter of fact, so far, the Anti-Corruption Bureau has not really arrested several people, and has not mentioned a few serious lawsuits. This shows that it relies on the personal prestige and influence of strong men, not even mention the Rule by Law. 
And further, TUN M likens this regime change to re-experience independence; it takes time to restore the country that has been "destroyed". The government is working hard to achieve good governance, save money, and self-discipline to achieve the target!
New Trend
Government work is gradually on the right track
After 509 days, various financial indicators fell slightly, and economic growth seemed to be somewhat stagnant. TheTeam of Eminent Personsand top level management in the country have already noticed and taken corresponding measures.
At the end of the honeymoon tax exemption period, Parliament voted high to restore the SST tax, which allowed the new government to obtain a certain income to ensure that the bureaucratic system gradually returned to orbit.
The tentative extension of the Team of Eminent Personswill continue to assist the effective operation of the new government, which lacks experience in governing the country.
All major ministries and commissions, and various functional departments have gradually begun to resume normal work from passionate turning over the old books, self-exposing scandalous of the predecessors.
Heavy faith
In the first 100 days of the New Government, most of the campaign promises were fulfilled by PH (except individual sensitive items or time-consuming ones).
Senior cabinet officials also set an example, and strict self-discipline is expected to continue. For example, refusing to accept mobile phone gifts, lowering salary and reducing the size of the office, all reflect their willingness to establish an honest and self-disciplined official style from a small point of view.
Focus on economy
Economic structure is adjusting.
Industrialization/Digitalization: Apart from expressing the cancellation of contracts of Chinese contractors, TUN M’s China trip spends most of time visiting and study Chinese industry. First meet-up Ma (Jack) and Li (Shufu) before Xi(Jinping) and Li(Keqiang). The Internet economy、drones、car dreams (the third domestic car)、and industrial parks,all show that the top of Malaysia is redesigning the digitization /industrialization system in Malaysia.
New Hope.
Minister of Economy Azmin: will present to Parliament in October a new economic policy based on people's harmony and formulated a new economic direction based on the promise of PH's campaign declaration.
How "new"? Not yet known! We can only see through the words of TUN M and several major ministers. At least there is hope for change.
The people are rich and the country is strong: TUN M suggested the development of the nation by focusing on the agenda of `enriching the People'through the creation of more jobs and business opportunities'. If this can be fully reflected in the new economic policy, then PH is really the Harapan of the Malaysian people!

Uncertainty is gradually strengthening.
In today's world, UNCERTAINTY is being mainstreaming, and Malaysia is no exception.
On the other side of the ocean, Mr. Trump has changed his mind rapidly and changed three times a day.
Now TUN M is also trying to rebuild the confidence of Malaysian people, Make Malaysia a TIGER Again!
But Tun M's inconsistent statement on various occasions, sometimes tough, sometimes vague, also let PH team busy with firefighting, but could not accurately grasp the real intention of the leader. Some of the major policies and guidelines are also swayed by the people's wishful thinking. Coupled with the old man becomes older, how the successor continue? It is Uncertainty.
New Enterprises.
After TUN M’s visiting China when he becomes the master of Putrajaya again, the public opinion from Malaysia and China was in a state of two poles.
Additionally Tun M's recent attitude towards Forest City property selling to Chinese buyers, and the misunderstanding of demolishing the fence of the steel factory in Kuantan Industrial Park, it has created considerable confusion for Chinese investors.
As the statement of Tun M and the remedial statement made by the Prime Minister's Office the following day, it need not be overly interpreted or completely ignored.
In first tier cities of China like Beijing、Shanghai and Shenzhen, house properties are strictly controlled too. The only difference is just cross two counties. 
Let’s imagine: can Mr. Xiao, a Changsha resident, buy a house in Beijing? Can he buy a car in Beijing? Can the property in Beijing be sold to Mr. Xiao (who does not work in Beijing)? No! Compared with China market, Malaysia's real estate policy is more subdivided: it sets the threshold for foreign buyers(Kuala Lumpur is no less than 1 million RM, Selangor is no less than 2 million), which can only be adjusted by the new government through appropriate legal procedures. At present, there is possibility of fine-tuning, but should not be very large.
The recent confusion statement shows the Malaysian public's concern about real estate bubble so-called caused by developers from China, speculating in the high-rise property market, as well as the warning about the large influx of Chinese residents.How to deal with it? Adjust sales strategy? Or transform business model? 
In addition, we can also find out some investment directions encouraged by the new government.
Real economic investment ---Welcome
On many occasions, Tun M reiterated that the policy of welcoming foreign investment remained unchanged. But there is another emphasis on the industrial sector, that is, to actively welcome foreign investment in the real economy, such as investment in factories, to improve local labor skills, increase job opportunities and achieve the goal of Enriching the People; to enhance the level of industrialization; and to boost fiscal revenue. Chinese-funded train manufacturing, tire manufacturing, glass manufacturing, automotive manufacturing... Whether or not the former government tied the line to bridge, are warmly welcomed by TUN M (demolish of Kuantan Steel factory fence should be caused by misunderstanding). Ali Group and Geely Automobile is a new type of Chinese capital that can be welcomed by new government.
Capital investment ---Welcome
After 10thMay, the new government's efforts to reduce national debts will inevitably lead to a sharp decline in the scale of government investment. How to solve it? This is the opportunity for Chinese capital. Recently MRT 3 project and ECRL are suspended and High-speed Train project is on hold, because of control national debt size. Who can be creative enough to solve the shortage of funds, without increasing the national debt of Malaysia? Perhaps a 60-year franchise is one of the options? Surely there are lots of win-win solutions. 
Other countries have capital, but capital has willing to cross borders. Capital investment without political preconditions should be actively welcomed by the new government, especially in the PFI. Traditional project contracting may be confined to the private real estate sector in the future. New investors with strong capital investment and financing strength will become a new direction.
Chinese enterprises must study the demand of the new government, embrace the new trend positively, and transform into a new type of Chinese investor according to their needs, so that they can successful in the important bridgehead market of Belt and Road.

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