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China's wearables market grows 45.2% in Q3
China's wearables market grows 45.2% in Q3 Others Malaysia News | SilkRoad Media
BEIJING: China's wearables market saw 45.2 percent growth in the third quarter from a year earlier, registering 27.15 million shipments, according to the third quarter report on China's wearable device market from the global market research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) on Tuesday. Wearables will be critical devices linking humans with homes or vehicles in future application scenarios, deemed Pan Xuefei, research chief executive officer of IDC China. Wearable products have unique advantages in daily applications, for they are able to acquire physical signs of human life via biosensing techniques. In the future, wearable products will be the important carriers for man-machine interaction, she said. IDC predicted in the report that China's wearables market will reach nearly 200 million shipments by 2023. Headsets and wrist sets are believed to halve the market with 51.6 percent and 46.6 percent respectively. The report wrote wearable products are expected to function more independently in the future. As of 2023, 28 percent of smart watches for adults will have independent communication functioning. The report said wearable products will more deeply connect to the internet of things, providing seamless services to users.

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